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Upcoming Events


2021 Contractors’ Forum

Online | Thursday, May 27 | FREE

Join industry peers and stakeholders for exciting updates, networking, and more. This year’s virtual event will look a little different but we are keeping the event as engaging and interactive as possible – come prepared with your questions and ideas, and video cameras on! We have updates and announcements that all home performance sectors will want to hear, plus new ways to keep discussion going after the virtual event.

*UPDATE: A special announcement from CleanBC has been added to the agenda. Don’t miss out – register today!*


Basic Principles of Residential Ventilation

Online | On-Demand | $79 + taxes

Through this online course, participants are introduced to the basic principles of residential ventilation. The course defines the concept known as “House as a System”; the flow of air, heat and water and how these impact natural ventilation (aka air leakage). The course also describes the theory of mechanical airflow including air pressure, duct resistance and fan ratings. A review of the impact on combustion appliances, humidity levels and indoor air quality is also provided.

Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculations

Online | March 16-19 or May 4-7, 6:30AM-2:30M PST | $1,215 + taxes

Based on the CSA Standard F280-12, students get a firsthand introduction of the basic principles of building science and heat loss/gain. Through various in-class exercises, the student will learn how to determine the thermal resistance (R value) of various building assemblies, such as walls and ceilings. Accurately, calculate room by room heat loss and gain while considering the influences of occupancy, exposure, ventilation, air leakage across the building envelope and more.


Principles of Moving Air

Online | Various Dates Starting March 17 | $510 (non-members)

This course will be a benefit to everyone working in the New, Retrofit or Repair portions of the industry. It was developed to give those who are designing or installing duct systems the ability to create quiet, efficient systems which deliver the required volumes while using the least fan energy. Today, furnaces, heat pumps and ventilation systems require larger volumes of air to be moved. Duct fitting shape, the number of fittings, air filters, coils all contribute to reduced flow in ductwork.

Heat Loss/Heat Gain Course

Online | Various Dates Starting March 15 | $385 (non-members)

The course is intended to help participants perform accurate and code-compliant heat loss and heat gain calculations. The BC Building Code calls for CSA F280-12 for calculation of heat loss and heat gain, for Part 9 buildings. The TECA Heat Loss / Gain software has been designed to give users an accurate and simple way to calculate heating and cooling loads by the CSA F280-12 calculation methods.

CHBA BC Renovation Fundamentals

Online | On-Demand | $349

The goal of this course is to provide renovators like you with an introduction to the basic knowledge needed to perform your job as a business owner or manager. By completing this course you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the best practices for running a professional and successful renovation business in Canada. Note: there is a final exam at the end of the online course.

Course topics include:

  • General principles for business owners and managers
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Design considerations and building science

Quality Installation of Forced Air Furnaces and Air Source Heat Pumps Retrofits in BC Homes

On Demand | FREE for Program Registered Contractors

Interested in enhancing your skills in HVAC installations and staying ahead of the competition? The Home Performance Stakeholder Council is pleased to announce the release of our on-demand training course for HVAC contractors on quality furnace and heat pump retrofit installations.

Course Overview

  • How to evaluate existing HVAC systems at pre-changeout and develop installation strategies to optimize performance of replacement furnaces and heat pumps.
  • Opportunities to incorporate quality installation components designed to achieve improved comfort, equipment longevity, energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions for your customers.
  • Best practices on equipment commissioning and consumer education to support proper operation/maintenance.

View details here



Past Events

HPSC: Quality Management – Leadership & The Way to Success Recording & PDF: November 17, 2020, Online Webinar​

HPSC: Digital Marketing – Strategies for Contractors Recording & PDF: October 15, 2020, Online Webinar​

HPSC: Quality Installation of Forced Air Furnaces and Air Source Heat Pumps Retrofits in BC Homes: June 25-July 24, 2020, Online Course

Air-Source Heat Pumps: CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program Webinar Recording: May 2020, Online Webinar

HPSC: Contractor Input on COVID19 Financial Stimulus Options PDF & Survey: May 7, 2020, Online Webinar

HPSC: Heat Pump Best Practices Installation Guide for Existing Homes Recording, & PDF: May 5, 2020, Online Webinar

HPSC: Heat Pump Best Practices Installation Guide for Existing Homes Recording, PDF & Takeaways: April 1, 2020, Online Webinar

HPSC 2020 Contractors Forum PDF: February 25, 2020 in New Westminster

HPSC: Heat Pump Best Practices Installation Guide for Existing Homes Recording & PDF: January 16, 2020, Online Webinar

HPSC: Heat Pump Best Practices Installation Guide for Existing Homes Recording & PDF: December 10, 2019, Online Webinar

2019 BCBEC Conference & AGM: Adapting to Change- Building Resilient Enclosures: November 8 in Vancouver

Fenestration Association of BC Industry Conference 2019: October 23 in Surrey

CHBABC: Builders Education Summit: October 9-11 in Vancouver

Webinar: Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Program PDF: October 8, 2019, Online Webinar

HPSC Webinar: Selling Energy Efficiency Recording & PDF: September 26, 2019, Online Webinar

Building Science Corporation: Building Science Fundamentals: September 25-26, Seattle

Passive House 110: Introduction to Passive House High Performance Buildings: August 16, 2019, Victoria

HPSC Webinar: House-as-a-system Recording & PDF: June 26, 2019, Online Webinar

2019 Home Performance Contractors Forum – Working Together to Advance Our Industry: February 19, 2019, Anvil Center in New Westminster

HPSC Webinar – Growing the Home Performance Industry: January 17, 2019, Online Webinar

Efficiency First: FREE Building Performance Webinar ‘Getting Ready for 2019’: December 18, 2018, Online Webinar

Energy Circle: Video Marketing 101 For Lead Generation: December 13, 2018, Online Webinar

Small Planet Supply: SANCO2 Combi System WorkshopDecember 12, 2018 in Vancouver

TechSoup Canada: CASL & GDPR Anti-Spam Compliance Webinar: December 12, 2018, Online Webinar

Small Planet Supply: BC Step Code Airtightness Training CourseNovember 23/24, 2018 in Vancouver 

Passive House Canada: Introduction to Passive House High-Performance BuildingsNovember 23, 2018 in New Westminster

Small Planet Supply: BC Step Code Airtightness Training CourseNovember 16/17, 2018 in Penticton

Efficiency First: FREE Building Performance Webinar ‘Getting to “Yes” on the First Visit to the Job Site’November 15, 2018, Online Webinar 

Passive House Canada Conference: Partnering for Transformation: November 7/8, 2018 in Vancouver

Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilation Workshop: November 6, 2018 in Vancouver 

Fenestration Association of BC Industry Conference 2018: October 24, 2018 in Surrey

NRCan LEEP: Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships Technology Forum: October 19, 2018 in Nanaimo

NRCan LEEP: Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships Technology ForumOctober 17/18, 2018 in Victoria

NRCan LEEP: Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships Technology Forum: October 15/16, 2018 in Surrey


This list of training and events is compiled for your information. The HPSC is not affiliated with any of the organizations providing training or hosting events.