The Home Performance Contractor Network

What is the Home Performance Contractor Network?

The Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN) is a database of retrofit contractors in British Columbia (BC), Canada that meet specified trade designation and training qualifications and are subject to ongoing review and quality assurance checks.

Companies registered in the HPCN are required to submit business documentation (such as licenses and proof of insurance), submit references, agree to a code of conduct (including commitments to fair and transparent pricing and customer service expectations), and complete industry best practice training. The companies and their employees are regularly reviewed for quality assurance and up-to-date qualifications. 

The HPCN is managed by an independent not-for-profit called the Home Performance Stakeholder Council. Program partners include the Province of BC, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC. 

Why hire from the HPCN?

There is a difference between a job done, and a job done well. Improperly trained or accredited contractors put you and your home at risk for:


Health, safety, and durability concerns: from poorly managed ventilation or moisture (e.g., carbon monoxide poisoning or mould)


Lingering discomfort: from incorrectly identified and/or poorly installed service or product needs (e.g., uneven heating or drafts)


Unnecessary costs: from high energy bills, increased maintenance or repair costs, and lost value to your home (e.g., oversized heating systems or outdated window technology)


A large carbon footprint: from poor energy efficiency (e.g., missed opportunities to save energy from insulation or air sealing)

Increase your peace of mind by hiring a contractor from the HPCN for:

  • Non-biased recommendations for verified quality contractors. Contractors do not pay a membership fee for participation in the HPCN and are subject to suspension or dismissal if they do not comply with network requirements.
  • Access to rebates and other incentives from program partners
  • One-stop source for all contractors’ contact information
  • Centralized body for quality contractor concerns

Are you a contractor interested in joining the HPCN? Click here for more information.

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