The HPSC Steering Committee reviews documents and proposals aimed at building the home performance industry in BC, and recommends actions that should proceed. The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from all sector councils (renovation, HVAC, insulation, fenestration, energy advisors, and utilities and government), the HPSC Executive, and other supporters from local governments. 

The Steering Committee met on September 26 with the following outcomes: 

  • There is agreement that there is a role for the HPSC in contractor management that is not currently being fulfilled. HPSC will bring forward a proposal for the structure of a quality assurance and contractor management system at the December Steering Committee meeting. This will be a significant step in the process to improve and maintain the quality of home improvement projects as outlined in the Roadmap. .
  • Discussed need to address air sealing in home performance projects. HPSC to send information on energy savings associated with air leakage to utilities.
  • A proposal was presented for developing expanded insulation installer training as required by the insulation sector Roadmap. Steering Committee supports the development of this training.
  • HPSC presented a report recommending the adoption of the CHBA BC Renovation Fundamentals course as the first step in renovator training. This was recommended by the Renovation Sector Council. Steering Committee supported utilities and government adoption of this training as the basis for a Renovator Program Registered Contractor element for their programs.
  • The HPSC Industry Development Timeline was discussed and agreed to be useful. The HPSC will implement broader communication.
  • The 2020 Contractors Forum was discussed as planning moves ahead. It was decided that the Contractor Forum theme will centre around the Future of the Industry with sub themes that include training and accreditation and the consumer connection. The Contractor Forum will be held February 25th, 2020 at the Anvil Centre and will feature a keynote speaker and facilitated round table discussions.

We are looking to increase industry involvement in building the home performance industry in BC. If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide more information and options for involvement.