HPSC Recommended Contractor Company Accreditation Criteria

The HPSC Insulation, Fenestration, HVAC, and Renovation Sector Councils have worked to define the recommended business requirements and code of conduct for a residential contracting company offering home performance services and solutions.

There are currently few mandated and enforced requirements for residential contractors in BC. Business operations, integrity, quality workmanship and staff training can be highly variable.

 The following is for informational purposes only. The HPSC does not guarantee that contracting companies meeting the recommendations of the Sector Council will ensure a quality job.

The HPSC is using this information and working with utilities and governments implementing energy efficient home renovation programs to begin to establish a network of contractors meeting the recommended business requirements and complying with the recommended code of conduct. If you are interested in contributing to this work, please contact us at info@homeperformance.ca.


Recommended Business Requirements

Companies offering home performance contractor services should have:

  1. Municipal licence for each operating community.
  2. Valid GST Number.
  3. $5M general liability insurance listing the program administrator(s) as an additional insured(s) and including notification to program administrator(s) if insurance is discontinued for any reason.
  4. WorkSafeBC clearance letter for the contractor work classification.
  5. Three years of company experience doing the same or similar work. One-years experience required to be accredited for a new company. New companies may receive greater scrutiny for inspections.
  6. Annual audit by program administrator to ensure requirements continue to be met. A checklist signed by the contractor is adequate with the program administrator doing some random checks on validity of the checklist information.
  7. Successful completion of specified training (specific to the projects being carried out).
  8. Use of installers and/or subcontractors who have successfully completed specified training.
  9. Commitment to continuing education.
  10. Standard one-year construction warrantee.
  11. Companies will lose accreditation for repeated poor performance or Code of Conduct violations. This will occur for repeat offenders who have been given the opportunity to correct the problem.

Recommended Code of Conduct

Companies offering home performance contractor services should commit to:

  1. Paramount responsibility to their customer or the home occupant.
  2. Honesty and good value are our guiding policies.
  3. Responding to customer communications in a timely manner.
  4. Resolving customer concerns in a timely manner.
  5. Meeting all required regulations when dealing with hazardous materials and ensure the safety of our workers and home occupants.
  6. Taking out permits for all projects for which permits are required or encourage the homeowner to do so.
  7. Providing a written contract which includes scope of work and price, for all projects.
  8. Providing dated invoices that clearly state what was installed and where.
  9. Providing receipts for all payments and collecting and remitting all applicable taxes.
  10. Dealing fairly with our customers, employees, subcontractors, program administrators and suppliers.
  11. Avoiding all conduct or practice likely to discredit or do injury to the reputation of the home renovation industry.

We assume these responsibilities freely and understand that they are part of our obligation as Accredited Contractors. We understand that failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct will result in a disciplinary process and potentially the loss of our accreditation status.


Recommended Inpections

Companies offering home performance contractor services should agree to inspections at a frequency that:

  • Averages 5% – 10%.
  • Has a higher rate for newly accredited companies with less than three years experience.
  • Varies over time, based on contractor history.
  • Varies by region due to cost in more remote areas

Inspections should be carried out by independent third-party organizations, using protocols developed in collaboration with HPSC sector councils.