The City of Vancouver is currently consulting industry on their draft retrofit strategy that includes both support tools and also options for future regulation (e.g. zero emissions replacement mechanicals after 2025).

To ensure the success of a regulation like this, they need to understand and make sure they adequately support the impact on heating, plumbing and gas fitting companies; and understand your ability to transition quickly and adapt to this new framework.

They would like to meet with interested members of the HVAC industry for discussions to help them understand your concerns and ideas on how they can help the industry make the transition. The meeting is aimed to be held in mid- to late-January 2020. There is also an opportunity for ongoing collaboration over the next 6-8 months to help ensure that the new regulation is something you can not only live with, but also benefit from.

If you don’t do work in Vancouver, you can still get involved as other jurisdictions may emulate what Vancouver does and it would be beneficial for everyone to get it right the first time rather than scramble to solve problems later.

If you would like to participate in any of the above, or would like more information, please contact Brady Faught at the City of Vancouver: