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Use the search tool below to find local contractors for your home upgrade needs. Contractors listed in the search tool are members of the Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN).

Why hire from the HPCN?

HPCN contractors have completed best practices training, committed to ethical business practices, and are subject to ongoing quality assurance measures. Learn more about contractor requirements to participate in the HPCN.

Many provincial rebate and incentive programs require that you work with a contractor from the HPCN to access their offers. Learn more about our current program partners.

What is the Home Performance Contractor Network?

The Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN) is a database of home-upgrade contractors (otherwise known as retrofit or renovation contractors) in British Columbia, Canada. These contractors meet specified trade designation and training qualifications and are subject to ongoing review and quality assurance checks. The HPCN is managed by an independent not-for-profit called the Home Performance Stakeholder Council

Companies registered in the HPCN are required to:


Undergo reference checks


Maintain valid business licenses, general liability insurance, and good standing with WorkSafeBC


Agree to a code of conduct which includes committing to ethical business practices and high standards of customer service


Complete BC-specific best practices training for their industry


Provide a standard one year labour warrantee


Agree to ongoing quality assurance checks and maintain up-to-date qualifications

Contractors do not pay a membership fee to participate in the HPCN or to be displayed in the search tool. This allows the HPCN to operate as an unbiased and independent resource for homeowners to find qualified home-upgrade contractors.

HPCN Program Partners

To access home-upgrade rebates or incentives from many government and utility programs in the province, it is mandatory to hire an HPCN contractor. In cases where programs do not require the use of an HPCN contractor, it is still strongly recommended. 

Click on the links below to learn more about programs that require HPCN contractors:

Program AdministratorProgram Name and WebsiteRebate Type
CleanBC Better Homes Income-Qualified Offer• Windows
• Heat Pumps
• Insulation
CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebates• Heat Pumps
• Insulation
Home Renovation Rebate Program• Heat Pumps
• Insulation
Home Renovation Rebate Program• Heat Pumps
• Insulation
FortisBC Income Qualified Rebate Program• Heat Pumps
• Insulation

Are you a contractor interested in joining the HPCN? Click here for more information.

Contractor Feedback

To provide comments on your experience with an HPCN contractor, fill out the Feedback Form below.

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