PRC & the HPCN

Already a Program Registered Contractor (PRC) with Fortis BC and BC Hydro? Here is what you need to know about the Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN) and what it means for your participation in the PRC.

What is happening?

In 2022, the PRC program is transitioning to the HPCN, which is run by a not-for-profit called the Home Performance Stakeholder Council (HPSC). There will be a transition period where both networks run in parallel to allow a smooth transfer of existing PRCs to the HPCN.

Utilities and government will continue to run rebate programs. The HPCN will provide a central database of accredited and qualified retrofit contractors in BC that rebate programs can require as part of their program eligibility. For example, the Home Renovation Rebate and CleanBC Better Homes rebate programs that currently require or recommend a PRC will require or recommend a contractor from the HPCN instead, beginning in 2022.

When will it happen?

The PRC will transition to the HPCN in spring 2022, with more information available on the specific date and details later this year.

For a limited time, both networks will run in parallel. During this time, contractors may be:

  • either a PRC or HPCN member,
  • both a PRC and HPCN member, or
  • neither a PRC or HPCN member

with varying opportunities and benefits depending on their choice. During this transition period, customers will be able to use a PRC or HPCN member in order to qualify for select home retrofit rebates. Eventually, all contractors will need to join the HPCN to be eligible for these rebates.

Why is it happening?

FortisBC, BC Hydro and the Province of British Columbia (BC) have been the key stakeholders in advancing the development of a home performance industry in BC and have supported the establishment of the HPSC. It has always been the long-term vision of these stakeholders to see the implementation of a retrofit contractor network in BC, led by industry for industry, to establish training and accreditation criteria for quality installations.

The HPCN will expand to include a variety of different sectors to support the whole home retrofit industry, as well as guide customers who are looking for quality contractors as they pursue their home retrofits. For more information on why and how the HPCN came to be visit The Big Picture page.

What does this mean for current PRCs?

Your PRC qualifications to-date align very well with the new network! The HPCN has been developed through close partnership with PRC program administrators with the long-term transition in mind. In the coming months, the HPCN and PRC will provide more information for existing PRC contractors on what this transition means for them as well as new contractors interested in joining a network.