Proposal for Residential Insulator Training Program in BC

Notice: One of our HPSC Insulation Sector Council members, Roy Wood of ThermoTech Insulation in Vernon BC, has sent this request to the BC insulation industry. He is asking companies to submit a letter of support for an insulator training course that he is developing with Okanagan College.

With the current & future demands on energy efficiency in Residential Construction it is very important that there be a workforce educated with the base knowledge of our Insulation Industry. This would include but not limited to Safety, Building Science, Products & Equipment used in our industry, as well as an understanding and effect of other trade practices and how it relates to energy efficiency in residential construction.

Over the past year we have been working on a better way to resolve an “experienced work force shortage”. With the help of Community Futures & Works BC in Vernon we were able to run a successful training program using our Vernon office as a launching pad. Okanagan Colleges (Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton) would now like to carry on this training with a pilot program to introduce and train a potential workforce in which the industry can draw from. We have finalized the course outline and are now asking for support from the Insulation/Construction Industry: Insulation Contractors, Builders, Building Organizations, Building Officials etc. This is a short version of the training (being the pilot) with the ultimate goal being, to have Residential  Insulation recognized as a trade no different than plumbing, electrical, etc. with a proper training and apprenticeship programs.

Kindly review the support letter draft and course outline, and offer your support. There are no out of pocket costs associated with this program other than a little bit of time and a willingness to help (ie: material/equipment demo’s, job site walk throughs, etc.) We strongly feel that this is positive first step for our industry and your support would be greatly appreciated.

Letter Template

Course Outline

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions please contact Roy Wood or Kara Kazimer directly using the contact information below. Please send all responses directly to Kara Kazimer. We appreciate your support!