HVAC & Water Heating

HPSC believes industry input is critical to developing effective long-term policies and programs that support home performance. Through our Industry Sector Councils, we facilitate industry engagement and development in the areas of advocacy, market growth, capacity building and quality workmanship.

HVAC & Water Heating Industry Sector Council Overview

The HVAC & Water Heating Sector Council includes contractors, trade associations and industry experts/advisors. This Sector Council will work with the other industry sector councils to help develop the BC home performance industry.

Current Council Participants

  • Gandy Installations
  • Backus Mechanical
  • North Shore Plumbing & Heating
  • Midtown Heating & Cooling
  • Ark At Home
  • Nickel Heating
  • Superior Gas Install & Servicing
  • EMCO


The mandate of the HVAC & Water Heating Sector Council is to:

  • Guide us in helping to develop a more professional, profitable and long-term sustainable industry.
  • Provide input into HVAC & Water Heating Industry Vision and Roadmap.
  • Help determine initiatives that would best support the HVAC & Water Heating industry.
  • Represent the HVAC industry within the HPSC and BC home performance industry.

Benefits of Participation

The benefits of participating in the HVAC & Water Heating Sector Council include the opportunity to:

  • Network and collaborate with your industry-leading peers.
  • Strengthen our BC Home Performance Stakeholder Council as an industry voice.
  • Shape a vision and road map to advance your interests.
  • Help policies and programs to remove barriers and support growth of the HVAC & Water Heating industry.
  • Contribute to increasing the business opportunities for you and your industry.

Requirements for Participating

As a participant of the HVAC & Water Heating Sector Council you would be requested to provide:


Your personal perspectives and recommendations on industry issues and opportunities.


Engagement with your peers on the Council via conference calls, meetings or workshops.


Participation in consensus-based decision making.


A minimum one (1) year commitment to support Council development and activities.


An average of two (2) to four (4) hours monthly on a voluntary basis.

Next Steps

Our next steps for the HVAC & Water Heating Sector Council in 2018 are:


Facilitate the development of the HVAC & Water Heating Sector Council

  • Grow to approximately 20 industry representatives to join the Council representing contractors, suppliers and organizations from all regions of British Columbia


Gather further HVAC & Water Heating industry input into documents that include:

  • HPSC workplan and priorities for our HVAC & Water Heating industry initiatives


Engage the HVAC & Water Heating industry through:

  • Building the network of HVAC & Water Heating industry participants within the HPSC.
  • Inform via regular newsletters and website updates.
  • HVAC & Water Heating Industry Landscape
  • Industry Vision & Roadmap
  • Engage through proactive, two-way communications and workshops.

Key HVAC & Water Heating Sector Contact

Please feel free to contact us for more information and/or to add your name to our HVAC & Water Heating Industry Sector Council team.

Murray Bond