We engage industry through newsletters, webinars, meetings, educational seminars and other communication and networking events designed to create opportunities for input and collaboration. This approach along with the development of Industry Sector Councils allows interested individuals and businesses to access resources, information and share knowledge to successfully expand their business and skills in home performance.

Why Register?

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council includes a growing network of individuals and organizations working together to advance home performance in British Columbia.

Registering with the Home Performance Stakeholder Council allows you options to stay informed or to get more formally involved with industry development initiatives including:

  • Join our expanding Industry Directory of like-minded individuals and organizations providing home performance related products and services.
  • Staying connected by adding your name to our mailing list to receive regular news and updates.
  • Get involved by attending future meetings or events to engage other industry players.
  • Be an active participant¬†of an Industry Sector Council.


Being involved with the Home Performance Stakeholder Council offers you the opportunity to:

  • Provide input on the issues and opportunities impacting the home performance industry.
  • Shape the vision and roadmap for advancing the interests of your individual industry sector to grow the overall home performance market.
  • Make policy and program recommendations to remove barriers and support growth of the home performance industry.
  • Advance the business opportunities associated with delivering home performance products and services.
  • Access resources and tools to help your home performance business succeed.

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Businesses and individuals registered with the Home Performance Stakeholder Council are part of a fast growing community of product and service providers delivering solutions to save energy, reduce utility bills and make homes more comfortable, durable and healthier.