Home performance is a holistic approach to identifying and addressing energy-efficiency, comfort, health and safety related issues in order to make a home perform better. In British Columbia, over the last 25+ years, there have been a number of “Energy-Efficiency Programs” offered by various levels of government and utilities to support home performance. However, for various reasons these programs have not resulted in creating consistent and long-term profitable business opportunities for contractors and suppliers.

Our Vision

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council aspires to assist industry stakeholders to deliver exceptional services and solutions, priced at affordable levels for consumers, in order to support the growth of a long-term, sustainable market for home performance related activities that significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions in homes across the province while enhancing building durability, occupant comfort, and health.

Our Mission

To work together with BC’s home improvement industry sectors to develop and grow the home performance industry into a sustainable and profitable market segment that delivers products and services to:

  • Lower utility bills through reducing energy use
  • Improve home comfort and building durability
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve air quality, health and safety

Our Structure

The structure of the Home Performance Stakeholder Council is designed to promote transparency, deliver effective operations and facilitate collaboration and consultation with contributors from all industry sectors.

The Executive Group facilitates planning and implementation of our operations and activities. In addition, a representative from each Industry Sector Council provides input and participation from key industry sector members including contractors, sub-trades, manufacturers, suppliers, trade associations, and industry experts.

Our Supporters

BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Ministry of Energy & Mines have supported the creation of the Home Performance Stakeholder Council with a primary goal to determine what government, utilities and other key industry players can do to create a more sustainable home performance industry in British Columbia.

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council is operating as a sub-committee within the BC Advanced Conservation & Efficiency Association (BC ACE) and represents the residential interests as it relates to energy-efficiency and conservation.

BC ACE is a non-profit association created for the purpose of advocating for conservation and efficiency in the use of resources, and of promoting the industries that deliver this vital element of the economy, society and the environment. For more information, visit www.bcacea.com.