The Home Performance Stakeholder Council (HPSC) is a not-for-profit society that supports the growth of the home performance industry in British Columbia (BC), Canada. Home performance is determined by the energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety, and durability of a home.

The home performance industry is made up of stakeholders that support a whole-home, or house-as-a-system, approach to residential retrofits. This holistic approach recognizes that to improve the performance of homes in BC, retrofits need to be implemented with the entire house system in mind to avoid unintended consequences of isolated retrofits.

Although this holistic approach has always been important, historically, most homeowners in BC have only been completing single energy retrofits in isolation from other home retrofits. The HPSC was established in 2015 to serve as the lead industry facilitator to increase the supply and demand for BC contractors to deliver quality, affordable services for consumers that focus on whole-home performance.

Our Supporters

BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Ministry of Energy, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation have supported the creation of the Home Performance Stakeholder Council with a primary goal to determine what government, utilities and other key industry players can do to create a more sustainable home performance industry in British Columbia.